Extreme can supply a one of the most comprehensive range of Oil Filters in New Zealand. With quality brands such as WIX, Ryco & Full.
With quality & range we have all your filter needs covered

Extreme carries a comprehensive range of industry approved disc pads. If your vehicle is a new entry vehicle we can supply the pads & the required certification material. As well as our standard Organic asbestos free range we now offer a premium H/Duty range suitable for severe driving & vehicles that tow.

Air Filters As with our oil filters our range of Air Filters is second to none. With the same suppliers as our Oil Filters you can be assured of the highest quality at a competitive price.

Extreme can supply a complete range of Fuel Filters, again confident of the quality of our suppliers.

Gulf Western oils
High Quality Oils and lubriants blended for south pacific conditions.
All GW oils meet or exceed the latest specifications.
Suitable  for:
Large comercial trucks & equipment,
Cars, Utes & Vans
Small Engines & More

Extreme are stockists of the Bosch range of kits and individual leads. Bosch is one of the companies that have a complete range including the Japanese Imports.

Extreme supplies a comprehensive range of C.V. Joints. extreme is so confident of the quality of the CV joints that they will give a 20,000-Km or 2-year warranty on all C.V's.

Extreme stocks the Engine Mounts for a wide range of Vehicles

Extreme carries a comprehensive range of both Timing and Multi V Belts that are of the highest quality. They also stock a large range of tensioners. In addition extreme also supplies:NGK Spark Plugs Thermostats, Radiator Caps, Bulbs, Ignition Modules, Gaskets and Oil Seals, Batteries, Tools and Equipment, Brake Shoes and Wheel Cylinders, Disc Rotors, Suspension and Steering, Wiper Refills and Blades, Workshop Consumables etc.

Extreme carries a wide range of consumables for the automotive industry. These include well known brands such as CRC, inox, Moreys, colad, fuelmiser, Master, VHT and Slick 50 plus many others.

Extreme have a very comprehensive range of clutch & brake components, such as disc pads, brake-shoes, cylinders and hoses.

Extreme stocks a good range of electrical components which include bulbs, cable, terminals, fuses, ignition, lamp’s Bosch & NGK sparkplugs. Also distributors for the ever popular Bosch Batteries.

Extreme pride themselves in carrying a wide range of cooling products to service the needs of our vehicle market. These include:
Fanbelts, Thermostats & Radiator Caps, Water Hoses, Water Pumps, & Elf Coolant

If you require any steering & suspension items, Extreme can help with KYB & Munro branded shock absorbers. A large range of ball joints, bushes, tie-rod and rack-ends & even the occasional drag-link.

Extreme have a range of engine components which include, timing tensioners & idlers & belts, gaskets, seals, rings, piston’s & bearings for most make’s and models.

Extreme believe that they have a very comprehensive range of automotive tool’s, tool-boxes, jacks, hoists and other garage equipment. brands include:

T&E, King Tony, Wayco, Lavor, Kincrome, Koken, Worldwide, Sykes Pickvant, KD, CP, Rokit, AEG, Blueweld, Knippex, Teng, and many more brands too numerous to mention.